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Majano Pty Ltd was founded in 2013 and has developed into an organisation that delivers a quality product without compromising on process or specification.

Since its inception, Majano has built some of the finest residences and other properties.  One of the most important attributes of this company is the referral received from clients and professionals. Willie Fourie, General Contractor and Director of the company states, "the most important part of my work is customer satisfaction; it is the root of the business". The company does minimal advertising and its client and job base is almost strictly by word of mouth. "This is the best reward for a job well-done.” "Without the approval and referral of my clients and colleagues", we would not be here today.

The company strives to make a project run smoothly from start to finish. The attention to detail is obvious when walking into a residence or even a demolition project. Our specialities include interior and exterior renovations, building additions and new ground-up construction. The workplace is kept clean and the work is completed in a safe and timely manner. These are the attributes what have made Majano Pty Ltd. so successful all of these years



 •    To be the most respective and leading Construction Company in the region by providing excellence added value  to our client.


•     We strive to be the contractor of choice for our clients, by providing the best construction services in our area. We  will accomplish this by creating neat and quality construction work with the client’s involvement, the client’s specification and the client’s budget.

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